Buying & Selling Bloodstock


If you’re thinking of buying or selling a racehorse it pays to have a trained professional on your side to make an informed decision and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. From pedigree analysis and pre-sales examinations  through to auction bidding, insurance and transportation, Jim provides his clients with guidance and advice throughout the buying and selling process.

Buying a Horse

After discussing your goals and budget, Jim can act on your behalf to source the right horse privately or represent your interests at the weanling, yearling, tried horse or broodmare auction sales that occur nationally and internationally. When looking for your horse, Jim will undertake an exhaustive process of due diligence including physical inspections to assess conformation, pedigree analysis and market valuation as well as arrange and coordinate a veterinary examination. Armed with this information, he will present and discuss his recommendations so you can make a well-advised choice that aligns with your goals.

Selling a Horse

Whether you’re ready to sell breeding stock or a tried horse, you’ll need an accurate valuation from someone who represents your best interests and understands the market. Using his education in the law and extensive experience in the bloodstock industry, Jim will value your horse, prepare promotional materials to be presented to potential buyers and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf.


“Jim is good operator and I am pleased to use his services. He has global experience and I am very impressed with his bloodstock knowledge. He also has a very strong industry network and, quite simply, I think he is a good judge of a horse."

Bjorn Baker -


"Jim is a person of the highest integrity and has a very broad range of experience. He is a very competent horseman with a good knowledge of pedigrees and bloodstock in general and he has gained the respect of the thoroughbred community in both Australia and the UK"

Henry Plumptre -

Cambridge Stud, NZ

Frequently Asked

How much do you charge?

If you’re looking to buy a horse privately or at auction, Clarke Bloodstock charges a brokerage commission on the purchase or sale price of the horse. All pricing is transparent and clearly outlined for you before working together and Jim will always advise you of any additional costs as required.

For one-off or ongoing retainer based management or consultation services, Jim will provide an estimate based on your specific needs..

How much does it cost to keep a racehorse?

This varies depending on where you are located, how much your trainer charges and the cost of ongoing incidentals. As a rough guide, you should look at budgeting anywhere between $4,000 - $6,000 a month while the horse is in training and $800 - $1,500 for months when the horse is spelling.

What is the process of selecting a racehorse or broodmare?

For yearlings or foals, this involves a physical inspection and an analysis of their pedigree to find the best horse for your budget.

For tried horses, Jim is able to source horses both domestically and from overseas. The selection process involves an analysis of form and pedigree to identify horses that can improve and race successfully under new ownership and management.

For broodmares, physical conformation and pedigree are again crucial factors in the selection process. Jim is able to source mares that are suitable for a particular stallion and identify broodmare prospects for commercial or hobby breeders. Whether you plan on selling or racing the offspring of your mare, Jim’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the broodmare market will ensure you make the best possible decisions to maximise your return.